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 Full Tutorial On How To Make World At War ISO Mod Menu

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Neon Haxor

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PostSubject: Full Tutorial On How To Make World At War ISO Mod Menu   Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:33 pm

:: How To Make Your Own CoD5 Mod Menu/ISO Patch ::

Hey Guys, In This Post im going to teach you how to create your own
call of duty world at war mod menu. This will require very few downloads and
scripting. I Will supply a menu base which will allow you to add your own options
and features. This menu base is customizable, You can edit the background color,
the scroller color and the text size/font in the mod menu.

First! Download The Menu Base, Patch Scripts And Notepad++ Below.

Menu Base


Notepad ++

Open Notepad++ And Open The (_debug.gsc) File From Your Menu Base Folder.


The Menu Titles Named ( Menu 1-8 ) Can Be Edited To What You Want. The First Title
Named (MAIN MENU) Is What The Title of The Mod Menu Will Say At The Top Of Each Menu.

The Sub Menus Are texts after the first Menu title like shown below.

After Everything is renamed you will need to add functions so your mod menu
works. The menu already opens correctly but you need some mods behind the menu to
make it fun for friends and yourself to enjoy. So to add a Option scroll down to the
first menu and it should look like the image below.

When Adding A Function You Will see the text (Test) You need to edit that to your
commands title that you would like to add for your first mod, To Find a command
open up the Patch Scripts Folder and choose a mod. Im Going to use God Mode So the
God Mode Mini Script would look like this below.

If You look at the top the title of it is (toggle_god) so edit the Test Text to the
title of your command, So i would rename myn to toggle_god Like Shown Below.

Once You have the title placed COPY the script from the patch scripts folder that
you have chosen and go to the very bottom and PASTE The Code. It Should Look Like This.

Thank You For Reading Part 1 out of 2 of my CoD5 Mod Menu Scripting Thread.

:: How To Add Scripts To Your CoD5 Mod Menu/ISO Patch ::

Hey Guys, In this post im going to teach you how to add scripts to
your custom call of duty world at war ISO/Mod Menu Patch.

First! Download The Menu Base, Patch Scripts And Notepad++ Below.

Menu Base


Notepad ++

Open Notepad++ and Open the (_debug.gsc) You Got From The Menu Base Folder.
Once Its Open, Go The First Menu Called SubMenu 1. It Should Look Like This Below.

You will see the Menu Title, Options and Functions. Each Option is Named SubOption
1-8 And The Title is Named Sub Menu 1-8. Each SubOption has a Function
that makes the option work for players in game Like shown in the image below.

Alright, Each script has a title. So if you open the patch scripts and click on a script like
god mode, noclip, UFO, or notarget then each title will be the first line of code shown below.

So if you want god mode, you will go the first menu option and type God Mode. Then in
The FUNCTION area you will type the Title of the script like the example shown below.

After you have typed that go to the VERY BOTTOM of the menu base and copy the
entire GOD MODE script and paste it and the bottom like in the image below.

So each function has a Title to the script you pasted at the bottom of the menu base.
So when you hit the option in the game it will look for the mod with that title. If the title
isnt there you will get a (Unknown Function Error Message).

Alright! Now god mode will work in your mod menu. Now im going to do 1 more script so
you can understand how the functions/titles work for this menu base.

Im Going to use THIRD PERSON for example so i would type Third Person as a option in the menu. Then
add the function title from the patch list folder

Then i would go to the very bottom and paste the ENTIRE script code from third person
right after the last script we did (God Mode or toggle_god)

Once Your Done Editing everything you want, You will need to test the changes you
made by going into ur CoD WaW Directory folder & creating a MODS Folder. Once
This folder is created you will need to make a folder inside that Called Whatever then
make a folder called MAPS inside of that folder you just made, Then drag the .gsc
files into that folder and go into CoD WaW For PC and run the patch in Zombie Mode.

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Full Tutorial On How To Make World At War ISO Mod Menu
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