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 How to mod black ops zombies with USB

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PostSubject: How to mod black ops zombies with USB   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:59 pm

Files required:

Button Configuration:

DPAD_UP noclip
DPAD_LEFT notarget

DPAD_UP toggle timescale 10 1
DPAD_DOWN toggle ai_disableSpawn 0 1
DPAD_LEFT toggle g_ai 0 1
DPAD_RIGHT fast_restart
BUTTON_RTRIG ai axis delete

Button_X =
DPAD_DOWN dropweapon
DPAD_UP give ray_gun_upgraded_zm
bind DPAD_LEFT give minigun_zm
bind DPAD_RIGHT give ak47_zm

DPAD_DOWN toggle r_debuglayers 1 0
DPAD_UP toggle r_fullbright 1 0
DPAD_LEFT toggle cg_thirdperson 1 0
DPAD_RIGHT toggle r_fog 0 1

DPAD_UP give m1911_upgraded_zm
DPAD_DOWN give humangun_upgraded_zm
DPAD_LEFT give defaultweapon
DPAD_RIGHT give tesla_gun_zm

DPAD_UP give freezegun_upgraded_zm
DPAD_DOWN give shrink_ray_upgraded_zm
DPAD_LEFT give microwavegundw_upgraded_zm
DPAD_RIGHT give sniper_explosive_upgraded_zm

BUTTON_RSTICK (Resets the all the dpads) =
DPAD_UP +actionslot 1
DPAD_DOWN +actionslot 2
DPAD_LEFT +actionslot 3
DPAD_RIGHT +actionslot 4

Text Tutorial:

Step 1: Download the files above.

Step 2: Open up Horizon, and change the ID's on the offline profile that I have provided, to your ID's.

Step 3: Save, rehash, and resign the offline profile.

Step 4: Open up the savegame.svg that I have provided in Horizon.

Step 5: Change the ID's on the savegame.svg, to your ID's.

Step 6: Save, rehash, and resign the savegame.svg.

Step 7: Inject both the offline profile, and the modded savegame.svg into your USB flash drive.

Step 8: Load up Black Ops.

Step 9: Plug your USB flash drive into your Xbox 360 console.

Step 10: Select the USB flash drive as the storage device.

Step 11: Go to campaign, and press resume.

Step 12: Once the campaign game has loaded up, get a secondary controller, and sign into the offline account.

Step 13: Click the back button on your main controller, and then leave the game.

Step 14: Sign out of the offline account, on your secondary controller.

Step 15: Start up a solo zombie game on your main controller.

Step 16: Once the game has started, click the back button, and then quit.

Step 17: Un-plug the USB flash drive from your Xbox 360 console.

Step 18: Plug the USB flash drive back into your computer.

Step 19: Re-inject the offline profile into your USB flash drive.

Step 20: Unplug the USB flash drive from your computer, and re-plug it into your Xbox 360 console.

Step 21: Host an online zombie game (this works without being host, and in public zombie matches).

Step 22: Once the zombie game loads, grab your secondary controller, and sign into the offline profile.

Step 23: You have now modded zombies on Black Ops online! With just a simple USB flash drive, congratulations!

I also do host these


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Neon Haxor

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PostSubject: Nice job   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:33 pm

i just stickied this topic Smile

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How to mod black ops zombies with USB
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